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From: Kristen and Joel Broughton
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Welcome to our MLM Training! We have dedicated years putting together generic MLM training for new and experienced network marketers and will continue to deliver help, support, and useful content to you.

We have just recently completed a great new mlm training on how to get leads, sort prospects, and close sales in your network marketing business. It’s not enough anymore to chase around your friends and family hoping someone is going to be interested in becoming a distributor in your mlm company. We are all for you talking to them about your products or opportunity, but let’s be realistic about it. None of us have 100’s of people that we personally know that are CURRENTLY looking for a network marketing opportunity.

You can get free instant access to our mlm training course by just providing us with your name and best email address above. This will also allow us to stay in touch with you and get you updates on when we do live events, webinars, or post new videos to our site.

In case you don’t know us personally here’s a little history about our background in MLM.

1999 – Introduced to network marketing through a relative (yep we were somebody’s warm market!!)

2004 – Finally made it full-time in mlm earning more part-time mlm than at a job

2006 – Launched and ran one of the first generic MLM Funded Sponsoring Marketing and Training Systems online (over 240,000 members worldwide)

2006-2010 – Built several company-specific marketing systems

2010 – Re-launched a new generic MLM Funded Sponsoring Marketing and Training System (over 60,000 members worldwide)

2013 РContinuing to support MLMers, launched an updated generic MLM Personal Branding and Sponsoring System.

2016 – Launched a Postcard Networker – a Postcard Marketing System designed to allow “everyone” to be able to sponsor new members – just “stamp and mail”.

Between all of the generic mlm marketing and training systems that we’ve built over the years, we’ve also built downlines in several traditional and online mlm companies. To date we still get checks from many of them in various amounts.

If you want access to our latest blog posts on MLM Training topics and related discussions you can check out our MLM Training Blog right here.

There has never been a better time to be involved in the network marketing industry! If you’re ready, just put your details in the box beside the video above, or give us a call anytime and we’ll be happy to speak with you personally.



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P.S. Work with us and you too can soon become a Full-Time Network Marketer!