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Welcome fellow MLM and Internet Marketers, has had several homes over the years, mostly redirecting to my successful MLM Training systems, always with the intention of creating a FREE MLM Training website.

Thanks to my good friend Christopher Dittemore, it has finally arrived and I’m prepared to dedicate time every week to keep you up to date on successful internet marketing tips, mlm training systems, and of course all of the BIG MLM SECRETS that everyone else makes you pay for.

Mark this day September 21st, 2010 as the day that we all will start on a new journey together in this great Network Marketing world. We’re going to create success in our lives together, we’re going to laugh at ourselves (and you can laugh at me too), and most importantly we’re going to help others achieve their goals and dreams. is dedicated to all of the people in this world that are struggling in Network Marketing – I will provide the MLM training that you need to finally change your life. I promise you.

While you are here, don’t forget to put your name and email address into the form at the TOP RIGHT of this page and you will be able to get access to my personal mentoring as well as everything I do to be a successful Network Marketer.



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  1. Donna Moore
    8 years ago

    I am always looking for good videos showing how to optimize my blog. A membership site is a little more inconvenent to access than an email link to your blog or video site.