Does your MLM Training show you how to get traffic?

Quality multi level marketing training covers several things like building your contact list, inviting your prospects to your presentations, quality presentations, following up your prospects to sponsor them into your business and training your new members. But is the focus of your training all on inviting, sponsoring and training your members?

The single biggest problem that new and struggling marketers have is having a small, stagnant contact list.

But there is an easy way to fix that for them.

Whether you believe me or not building a contact list is easier than you think, but the act of building a contact list does not actually generate revenue for your business. If you analyze it properly, you’ll see that contact list building takes up your valuable time and sometimes money.

And since contact list building is considered an expense in both time and money, as human beings we tend to try to avoid it. Many people, especially when they are new, are not able to directly correlate the generation of new prospects or the new lead acquisition to income. Instead they dread it, because it costs them money or time.

This of course leads to a bigger problem. A problem that can’t be fixed by all of the great mlm training in the world. A problem that can’t be fixed by improving your mindset. A problem that can’t be fixed by anything short of hard work and sometimes a little cash.

The problem is: lack of leads.

So with no leads or new prospects to talk to about your business, how can you ever expect to sponsor anyone. And of course sponsoring new people into your business results in making more money. Right?

I am constantly reminded by my members and prospects that they think sponsoring new people is hard. And a common question I get from prospects looking at joining my business is:

“Do I have to personally sponsor people into this business to get paid?”seriously joel broughton

Now is that a real question? Seriously?

What value are you bringing to the mlm company if you can’t sponsor new reps? Is it such a privilege for them to have you on a monthly autoship that they should send you a great big check every month even if you don’t produce any revenue for the company?

Again, check what this industry is about and ask yourself that question again.

So, if you need to produce revenue for the company to get paid, how exactly are you going to do that if you have trouble sponsoring new reps?

Here’s where we just need to circle back to the cause or root of the problem, not the problem itself. The problem is that you can’t sponsor reps. But, the cause is from lack of leads or contacts.

The reason why you can’t sponsor reps is because your contact list simply isn’t big enough. In my experience, even someone with literally no experience whatsoever can still sponsor new members into their business, given enough quality leads.

So let’s stop focusing on “I can’t sponsor people”.

Let’s start focusing on “How do I get more traffic to my website?” This is what results in more leads, which then results in more signups.

I hope that you’re starting to see the problem that you need to fix. It isn’t this mysterious sponsoring problem…it’s simply that you need to generate more traffic to your website, which leads to more prospects to introduce to your business.

So make sure that a big part of your mlm training and mlm education is focused on lead generation online. If you can successfully duplicate the act of generating leads online throughout your organization, you will have greater success than you ever thought possible in this industry. Learn it, do it, and teach it.

MLM Success will be yours!

Kristen and Joel Broughton

Joel Broughton
MLM Training and Sponsoring Expert
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