How to create MLM Training content: Part 1

Do you want to learn how to create a continuous amount of great new mlm training content for your blog, website or membership site?

I’m going to outline for you some very simple steps that you can take to develop a killer personal blog, a paid membership training site, or autoresponder series for your prospects.



How To Create MLM Training Content

You don’t need to be an expert right now to become a training consultant. However, you must be highly motivated to learn what you don’t know and then summarize or re-purpose it for your audience.

1. Decide on the Medium:

There are 3 main ways that we publish training content online: written, audio, and video. You should first decide how you plan to publish your content. Do some research on what your competitors are doing. Do you want to compete with them or 1-up them? I like to publish content in all forms to better serve my audience and help my content rankings on the search engines.

Written Training: The main advantages of providing written content is that it is easily accessible by everyone online, it is search engine friendly, and very fast and simple to publish written content. Obvious disadvantages are that many people online would rather watch or listen to material rather than read it online, and internet users tend to be click happy, so if your material is too long, often they will leave before they get too far through it.

Audio Training: The main advantages of audio content are that it’s super easy for anyone to produce, you can really show your personality and connect with your audience by talking to them, and you can add special effects to your audio through music tracks or sounds to make your audio more professional sounding. Disadvantages are that most of the time publishing audio tracks will cost a fee to put your content online and they are not very search engine friendly.

Video Training: Everyone seems to really love video. I think it stems from our love affair with TV and movies. We can absorb your content, and stay engaged with your content through images and movement. Video does take more time to create and edit, however you can also just record a short video through a webcam and have it up in just minutes. Video publishing sites such as YouTube make it easy for everyone to publish video online. The only major disadvantage of video is that your competitors can appear more professional or successful than you by just learning some advanced editing techniques or by spending money on video production. (Of course this could also be an advantage for you if you are willing to spend the extra time learning video editing)

2. Paid or Free Training

Free Training: Offering free content and training often comes in a few different forms. You can publish free content to drive customers and prospects to your websites and get them to opt in to your mailing lists. If you provide really good value for free to your prospects and customers, they will want your paid services or membership even more, because the assumption they make is that if this is the free training…the paid training must be spectacular.

Free training is normally offered on your personal blog or website, your Facebook profile or fan page, through your email newsletter, or as an offer to exchange a great free training for your prospect’s email address; opt in to my page and I’ll give you my free training course, audio, or video training.

Paid Training: Paid training is very popular online and not only is it a great way to monetize your list building efforts or make money online, but online information is something that customers readily pay for every single day.

There are a few main ways to deliver paid training.

First, you can create a one-time sale offer for an e-book, audio course or video training. This is by far the most popular method of delivering information, because you can create your product one-time and then sell it over and over and over again, regularly profiting from that one-time effort to create your content.

Second is through a membership website or continuity program. This is a more profitable, but also more difficult way to deliver paid training. You will receive regular monthly payments from your customers for your training, however you must make sure that you are constantly developing new quality training that they want, or they will stop paying you for it.

The third main way that you can provide paid content is by partnering with one or more other affiliates and combining your training products together to create one big offer. You will have to split the profits between multiple partners, but you will also probably increase your overall sales and also your value proposition to your customers.

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    This is a post that takes more than one reading to grasp the whole content, well at least for me.

    Looking forward to the part 2.

    …fear is the passion of slaves!

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