Daily MLM Training: How To Turn Cold Garbage MLM Leads Into Hot Prospects

Every day that I spend personally mentoring my leaders and providing quality mlm training to my team, we talk about different strategies to build their contact lists and generate new hot prospects for their business.

The main thing that I teach them all is that no matter what else you do, stay focused on building your contact list (email mailing list) in your autoresponder. If you are not building your list, who are you going to talk to about your business?

One of my leaders today told me that he had an old list of business opportunity seeker leads and wondered if he could use them somehow to help grow his business. Here’s what I told him…

First, don’t email blast or spam old mlm leads that you buy or get from someone else. Not only will you get zero results from sending out unwanted emails, but you’ll also start branding yourself negatively. Do you really want to be known online as a spammer or illegitimate business person?

I suggested that if he wanted to use those leads, the best thing he could do is advertise to them. You really can’t expect a cold prospect to want to go to a business presentation or buy from you if they don’t know you or trust you. So send them to your personal blog or a training site, gain their respect through offering value or start building a relationship with them through your autoresponders if they choose to opt in to your mailing list.

Do not try to sell to them. There is some garbage mlm training out there teaching people to cold call old business opportunity seeker leads and I’ll tell you what…unless you are a top notch sales person, you will have a very rough time doing that. Just call them and offer them some help, training, support and send them to a page that they can opt in for more information.

My personal blog is where I would send them. They can get to know me, sign up for my mailing list, and learn more about me and the training that I offer.

If the main focus is on offering them help or generic mlm training, instead of trying to recruit them right away, you will find that most people are more receptive to you.

By using the 25,000 names as people he is going to advertise his blog to, instead of trying to enroll them into his business, I guarantee he’ll have a much better experience talking to people and also better results in the long term by building his list…and you will too.

Finally, once you have proven out a voice mail message that converts your old dead business opportunity leads into opt ins on your blog or mailing list, you can then start to automate the process by using voice mail blasting software and paying for the lead generation. But, until you prove that it works with the messages you are using, I would just recommend that you spend some time practicing and doing it manually (for free).

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  1. Garman
    8 years ago

    your training is great.

  2. Mohamed Zara Kromah
    8 years ago


    I,m very interested in your programme and want to know more about.

  3. Ced Reynolds
    8 years ago

    Good info. I’ve been thinking about giving my junk leads away but thought it would be a waste of time. With this explanation, I’ll be able to give them to certain business partners and I know they will turn a few into good solid prospects.

    Thanks Joel,

    Ced Reynolds

    • Joel Broughton
      8 years ago

      Absolutely, it’s also a great way to get more people in your group active.

  4. Ernie Cash
    8 years ago

    Great new site Joel and that audio was absolutely brilliant.
    Look forward to hearing some more on the other page. Thanks.

  5. Chad Rissanen
    8 years ago

    Nice work brother!

  6. Flavio Encinas
    8 years ago

    Hola distinguido amigo:

    Estoy interesado en su programa y quiero saber más de ella

  7. Claudio
    8 years ago

    Thanks for this training I look forward to putting this into an action plan

  8. namhee chung
    8 years ago

    Hello! Joel Broughton. I am namhee chung. I had a problem.
    tell me the correct instruction. May I expect your answer.
    Thank you. best regards from
    nam hee chung.

  9. Bob Wright
    8 years ago

    Joel ,,, Some good information here I am working with a new company in a good industry … Trying to figure out how to use internet things like FB , Twitter and so forth… You said some things that make sense to me , as far as selling some small things like training info cheap to build a list. My issue is I have a hard time with writing content .. What would you suggest I do to start , I am not interested in anther company I love the products we market and the industry were in just trying to learn the affiliate marketing and social media aspect of it all . Thanks Bob

    • Joel Broughton
      8 years ago

      Hi Bob, here’s a great resource that will help you write mlm content to publish for sale or giveaway. At least this is a start. http://www.joelbroughton.com/how-to-create-mlm-training-content-part-1/. Also if you’d rather just hire someone to write for you, drop me a line and I can recommend a writer. I write all of my own posts myself, mostly because I enjoy it, but if you don’t like it or don’t have time I do recommend that you hire someone to write for you.