Is your MLM success based on your MLM mentor, MLM Training, or what?


I always spend time in my business learning about what other network marketers and internet marketers are talking about and concerned about. This time spent does not directly make me money, but what it does do for me is provide me with a better insight into the thoughts and feelings of our prospects and members.

There are common themes that people give for quitting mlm opportunities. One of the major ones is that they didn’t get enough help or support from their upline.

Now although in many cases this may be true…there is a shocking revelation that many people are starting to make that has completely changed their view of the industry.

It’s not always somebody else’s fault.

That’s right!

Sometimes people are just too lazy and don’t want to learn or work…that’s why they quit. They don’t fail, they quit. If you are one of these quitters, I’m not here to judge you. I’m trying to give you a wake up call to tell you that you no longer have to be a quitter.

You can be a winner. You can succeed.  winner joel broughton

But, I can’t decide for you. Only one person on this planet can decide if you are destined to have success in the multi level marketing industry.

That one person is…..


Educate yourself and take action. You can make it, if you work hard and never quit.


Kristen and Joel Broughton

Joel Broughton
MLM Training and Internet Marketing Expert
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  1. Barrie Edwards
    8 years ago

    Hi Joel Again you are spot on,I started online knowing absolutley nothing,i had to phone a friend to help me set up an e mail account and then how to open it, zero knowledge.
    The thing i had was the willingness to learn, the stickability to carry on regardless, and that came from self developement,and studying success principles, Biulding me inside so i could be successfull outside,and i knew it depended on me.
    There is so much help out there it’s unbelievable,you can get all the advice and help you want but it all starts with ourselves,the responsibility is mine.
    Your training has allways been second to none,and i would like to thank you for it.
    Barrie Edwards