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In today’s mlm environment there are some businesses that are staying with the times and others falling far behind. Is the mlm training that you are taking teaching you how to build your business on the internet? Do you have mlm training videos that show you exactly what you need to do in order to generate leads online? Or is the mlm training that you are following just vague and hard to understand?

I often spend some of my spare time studying what other top marketers are doing and I’ve come to realize that the “really good” ones will let you copy exactly what they are doing to advertise online. Of course I am one of these marketers, that in my mlm training, I teach you exactly step-by-step, do this, do that, advertise here and there, watch my screen as I do it.

There are two reasons that I show you exactly what I do and you can watch videos of me actually setting up ad campaigns. (why I don’t mind showing you exactly what I do. You can watch videos of me actually setting up real ad campaigns).

1. I sincerely want you to be successful and I believe that the Internet and World is full of abundance for all of us. By teaching you I believe that I am creating an ally online, not a new competitor. There is more than enough business in for all of us to have great success online.

2. I actually know what I’m talking about. I walk the walk…I can generate leads, I know what online advertising works because I do it every day. Some marketers give you really vague information and just allude to concepts…these are the ones to run from because they are just fakers. Yes, I said it. They are just trying to grab your cash and run before you realize that they didn’t really help you.

There are lots of great mlm systems out there, but it still all comes back to whether or not you are branding yourself online and do you have sufficient mlm video training or information that you need to successfully advertise online.

If you want to get access to over 22 hours of Internet Marketing MLM Video Training Tutorials that will help you build YOUR BUSINESS – just fill out your name and email at the top of this page and I’ll give you access right away.

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  1. Denis
    8 years ago

    Another good post Joel

  2. Jim
    8 years ago

    Aloha Joel,

    The problem I have with training and videos is that I have very little time at my computer, but carry my BlackBerry 24/7. I need videos that can be used and viewed on my Blackberry. So many are just not viewable and find the time to sit at my laptop in the evenings, long enough to what a video is rough.

    I like the website under your name rather than just another get rich quick sounding site. It feel more personal, real and trusting.
    Take care,

    • april
      8 years ago

      Hey Jim, I also have a blackberry and you can watch videos on it.. Try adding the You Tube app 😉
      Joel, Once again thanks for all of the pointers with my blog. You are a true inspiration to everyone..
      To our success,