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Do you believe that you can predict your MLM Success? Did you know that you can?

I can predict your success by examining some action factors of your past and current activities in your business. Let’s take a look at these action factors to determine if you are destined to success in your MLM or if you are going to once again fall short.

By the way, since you are predicting a moving target…if you change your action factors over the next few days, weeks, or months, you will also have to change the predictions of your future success.

These factors are:

1. Traffic Generation
2. Daily Business Presentations
3. Daily Follow Ups
4. Support to your Team

Let’s start first with Traffic Generation.

How much traffic or visitors are you currently generating to your website(s)? If the answer is none, you better get started. If the answer is some or lots, there is always room to increase your traffic.

One of the biggest mistakes that network marketers tend to make on a regular basis is that they drive traffic in short bursts, rather than driving a continuous stream of fresh traffic to their website. If you asked the struggling network marketer (you?), why they are struggling, often times they will not know. In fact, most network marketers blame their upline, lack of good mlm training, or the company they are working with.

In reality, the reason why most struggle is due to lack of traffic or leads to sponsor.

Internet Marketers, on the other hand, focus about 90% of their business on lead generation. We need to watch and learn from what they are doing. They focus on driving traffic and monetizing that traffic. We will still monetize our traffic through bringing our prospects into our MLM business, but the key is that we need the prospects first.

So the question remains:

“How much traffic are you getting to your website or
how many new prospects are you getting each day?”

You can easily predict the success of your MLM business today based on that number and also the future success of your MLM business based on the current growth or decline of that number.

The second predictor is Daily Business Presentations.

How many prospects are viewing a presentation about your business today? This includes business presentations done by your team members as well. You need to have an idea how many times your business is being shown each day to determine whether your expectations for growth are realistic.

Many distributors feel that their business is just not growing fast enough, yet they are not presenting their business to any new prospects each day. There is a misconception out there that working your business will create results. But, unfortunately many distributors (you maybe?) are working without actually showing their business to new prospects each day.

How can you possibly believe that your business will grow if you aren’t showing your business to prospects?

Not only that, some distributors show their business 4 times and wait for results. That’s absurd. You need to be showing your business presentation to prospects consistently to produce results.

If you want to have success, your business needs to be shown every day.

The third factor on predicting your success online in your mlm is the Number of Follow Ups you are doing daily.

Once you’ve tackled lead generation (not just started, but continued to grow your leads daily), and you are presenting your business on a regular basis yourself and through your downline members, you need to now examine how many follow ups you are doing after your prospects have viewed your business information.

follow up joel broughton

Again, this is a combination of your personal and your team’s follow ups. Many people send prospects to business presentations and never follow them up. This is a big mistake in MLM and the MLM Training you’ve received. You need to always follow up your prospects if you wish them to join you.

People join people. This means that your prospects will actually use the relationship with you and their comfort level with you to determine whether or not they will join the business. People very rarely join a new business based on the information presented about it. 90% of the time they will join because they feel good about working with you or getting the product from you.

So, following up your prospect is 100% essential to your MLM success. Your sponsor rates will go through the roof and you’ll see a dramatic shift in the way that your downline also starts sponsoring more new members into the business.

The final factor that you should consider is the Level of Support and Communication that you give to your team.

You do not need to speak to your team members every single day. In fact, this is counter-productive. Your team just needs to know that you are building your business and that you are available to help them as necessary. Most MLM distributors build their businesses part-time. So, chasing them to work more or work harder will actually drive many of them away.

Most of your downline members have joined to build a part-time business and maybe some day work it into a full-time business. If you force them to work more than they are prepared to or if you give them the expectation of creating a full-time income instantly by just working part-time, you’ll lose them.

Providing solid MLM Training audios, videos and just plain being available to help point them in the right direction is the best you can do. Some people will come and go. Unfortunately that’s just how the industry works. But, you can improve your retention of your membership by creating a community that they can be involved in, providing good quality MLM Training and Internet Marketing Training, and finally by just being available to point them in the right direction when they get stuck.

If you do not have resources for your team to get continuous MLM Training, you need to seek out a system or mentor that can help you and plug into what they are doing. This will help create success today and future success throughout your downline.

So take a moment and analyze your business and your activities on these factors:

1. Traffic Generation
2. Daily Business Presentations
3. Daily Follow Ups
4. Support to your Team

Should you be succeeding?  If not, what do you need to improve on?

Don’t expect results in your MLM to just happen…it won’t. You need to make them happen.

If you are brand new to MLM or are struggling to get success, focus your attention on Traffic Generation. Generating more leads in your business will always move your business in the right direction.

If you need help with any part of your MLM business or MLM Training for your members, feel free to get in touch with me, I’m more than happy to help.

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