Network Marketing is Easy…so why is there so much failure?

Let’s be clear!

Network Marketing is easy. To succeed you simply have to build a contact list, build a relationship with your list, introduce your list to your business, and then train the new members that join your business.

So why is there so much failure in network marketing if it’s just that easy?There isn’t failure!

This is just what it’s labeled. It isn’t really failure, it’s just people quitting. Do you agree? People aren’t failing so much as quitting before they give themselves the opportunity to succeed.

Here’s what I mean:

If you got yourself a successful mentor, training, and took massive action on what you learned to build your business, and continued to work through problems and roadblocks, working harder than you thought possible, and didn’t have success in your network marketing business – then maybe you could claim failure.

But the truth is that most people barely give their business or themselves a chance. Network Marketing is an entrepreneurial venture, which means that ultimately it is your own business. You determine whether or not you have success in your network marketing business.

So here’s what you need to do to make networking marketing easy for you.

1. Locate a successful mentor or team to work with.
2. Locate mlm training on building a contact list, inviting to presentations and following up.
3. Work hard.
4. Never quit.
5. Work hard some more. (It’s easy work…but you have to work hard at the easy things…put in your time)
6. Never quit.
7. Learn More.
8. Take more action on what you learn.
9. And never ever quit.

I was in Network Marketing for 5 years before I really found good mentors to work with, solid training, aworth it joel broughtonnd realized that massive action on my part was required to succeed. Was it worth it? Of course. The bottom line though is that I looked at everything differently than the average person.

They say “I can’t make anything work…I failed…that company is a scam…etc, etc, etc.”

I said “Hmmm interesting, that didn’t work very well, I need to learn how to do that better.”

You see, it’s not the company’s fault, it’s not your mentor’s fault, it’s not the industry’s fault. If you are prepared to take full responsibility for your network marketing business and never, ever quit on yourself….you will succeed.

Failure is just a label made up by quitters. Don’t be a quitter, you’re worth much more than that. You can have great success too, but it all starts in your head. Network Marketing is Easy…if you never quit.

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  1. Kevin Timothy
    8 years ago

    After a while it becomes routine and becomes a part of you. It’s all about the marketing; if you know how to do that you’ll be able to make money in any business. Stop blaming the company, even though there are some shady ones. Just learn everything you can about marketing, keep it consistent, and spread it out. Also, good mentors are great! But don’t think that they only come in the physical form…books work very well, too!

    • Joel Broughton
      8 years ago

      Good point Kevin, books, audios, videos, all good to learn from.

  2. Larry Rivera
    8 years ago

    Hi Joel great post,

    I actually like your point of view. There really isn’t really failure people are just quitting before they have a chance to really succeed.

    There have been many times over the past 10 years where I wanted to give up and throw in the towel. If I would have done that I would of never known how good victory can taste.

    So the reality is at any moment I could have been a “failure” instead I chose to get back up from my mistakes and learn from them.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Beth Hewitt
    8 years ago

    Hey Joel,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, thought I would return the favour. I have just written a blog post on a similar subject. How to know a MLM or Network Marketing Company is right for you.

    You are so right, never give up. My business changed over night when I started building my brand and authenticity, going that extra mile for people and building solid relationships.

    It doesn’t matter how big that list is if you haven’t got a meaningful relationship with the people on it.

    Hope to speak to you soon,
    Beth πŸ™‚

  4. Beth Allen
    8 years ago

    Hey Joel~

    So glad to hear that you made it through the darkness! πŸ™‚ I agree that most people quit before they fail. I also think that most people come in to network marketing with false expectations, and once they realize that it is hard work and they they really have to sign up more (a lot more!) than just 2 or 3 people, they quit. What they didn’t hold on to was the fact that out of the hard work, the rewards are far greater than pretty much any other business out there!

    Great tips here, thanks Joel!

  5. Ilka Flood
    8 years ago

    Hi Joel,

    It is so important to surround yourself with people who can “lift you up.” Seeking out a mentor, or “shadowing” a person who has already reached what we want to achieve and copy what he or she does can get the same results for us.

    Network marketing is easy … you just have to surround yourself with the right people.


  6. Billee Brady
    8 years ago

    Hey Joel,

    This industry can be very hard for a person who is only half committed and hasn’t found the right mentor and business model.
    If you haven’t got a clear action plan and a company that is going to pay you handsomely for your efforts then the half hearted people will quit and find another job….

    If took me around 2 years to finally get my first $1000 day! and it wasn’t from being half hearted! It was from being 100% committed in everything I did, if there was something stopping me from where I was going I would find the knowledge and get stuck into the training!

    The latest hurdle I tackled was Photoshop… I really wanted to create my own ebook cover and header… I knew nothing about Photoshop… I found the knowledge that day and had made my first ebook cover and header by the end of that day….

    This is what I really love about this industry! It is for the entrepreneurs! The people who love a challenge! The people who want to grow there knowledge, themselves and test themselves every day!!!

    And like you say… is it worth it? Hell yeah!!! Having the time and the freedom to live your own life and NEVER have some ungrateful boss hanging over your head!!! It is a no brainer!!!

    Thanks Joel!
    Billee Brady