Consistent is Key in MLM

When I decided I was going to start working with a network marketing company I knew I was going to be successful. My success was a choice before it became a reality.  The action needed between my choice for success and my actual success was consistency.

You see, like many of you, when I first started in this industry I was the new guy- I knew nothing. I was an army recruiter and although I also had a degree in business, I knew nothing about network marketing. My life was very busy. I had 2 babies at home, and was working two jobs – one as an army recruiter, and a part time job in banking.

Regardless of my busy schedule I was determined to be successful in my new endeavors. I had to consistently seek out mentors and training to expand my knowledge and understanding. I had to find successful people in network marketing that I could trust and look up to while I learned and grew my first team. I had a lot of learning and hard work ahead of me but I knew if I was consistent I would reach my goals.

As I continued throughout the years, not only did I reach many of my goals, I became a leader and a trainer in the industry. And, guess what – I have to be consistent so that others can learn, grow, and become successful. I have to consistently lead, teach, and help others.success- joel broughton

If I would have stopped seeking out mentors or decided I was too busy to bother taking daily action to learn or build my team, I probably would no longer be in the industry. I would have gotten distracted with other aspects of my already busy life, put network marketing on the back burner, and eventually would have discontinued.

In many ways choosing to be employed versus creating your own path can be easier, but for me, it is not as fulfilling. I knew I would be consistent, I knew I would be successful.

Many people I talk with that stop learning, marketing, and building their business cannot tell me why they decided to do so.

Most can recall why they wanted to build a network marketing company, but they cannot remember why they stopped.

I will tell you why – they stopped being consistent!

Consistent behavior will bring success to your life in business, health, relationships, you name it.
When you make the choice to make your business a priority each and every day and do what it takes to make it, you will find success.


Kristen and Joel BroughtonJoel Broughton
Full Time MLM Marketer, MLM Trainer & MLM Consultant

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