How To Go Full Time in Your MLM Business

Kristen and Joel Broughton

Do you want to go full time in your MLM Business? The answer is probably already YES because you are here reading this…so the real question is not whether you want to go full time MLM, but rather HOW do you go full time in your MLM business?

Let’s explore the top 3 things that I believe that you need to be able to go full time in your MLM. They are:

  1. An MLM Marketing System that your team can use
  2. The confidence to sponsor new members
  3. The ability to do it all again (if you have to)

Here’s the big idea in MLM. It’s not about you. It’s not about your prospects. It’s about your TEAM!

Multi-Level Marketing really is about the ability for multiple levels of people to do the marketing right? It’s not called personal sales marketing…it’s not called I’m a hero because I can sponsor people marketing…and it’s certainly not called my upline is the only one that can enroll people marketing.

If you don’t have a “marketing system” that the average person can do with similar good results, then you might as well pack it in and keep looking for another opportunity or another marketing system. Leverage is the name of the game in MLM marketing folks, so before you spend 1000’s of hours building your business, let’s make sure that your team can succeed along with you.

Your success in MLM is based MORE on the results of your TEAM…and less on the personal results of you.

Next, you must have the confidence to sponsor new members. If you don’t have it today…no worry – just make sure that your personal sponsor is able to do it. You can’t rely on an upline 17 levels above you to do all of the enrolling for you forever, so please make sure that you work on developing this skill if you don’t already have it.

Enrolling new people is mostly about having confidence about your business and being able to feel very comfortable talking to new people about it. That’s why sometimes “ignorance on fire” works so well in MLM. Your excitement is infectious and if you are excited and confident…you really don’t even need to know everything about the business. Many people will be just joining you based on your excitement and your confidence in your MLM Business.

Finally, before you make the big step to quit your full time job, let’s make sure you have the skills and confidence to “do it all again” if you were forced to. In today’s MLM world, here today/gone tomorrow is not uncommon for many MLM companies. You want to rely on yourself and your marketing system, not the company or some company owner for financial security of your family.

So as you’re building your business, make sure you feel confident that you could do it all again (with a new company) if you had to. I’m obviously always going to look at the positive and hope that our MLM company will be around forever…but realism tells me that many MLM companies fail…and mine is not immune the many factors that could bring a company to it’s knees. So just protect yourself before you quit your full time job and make sure you are setting yourself up for long term success in the MLM industry.

By the way, once you go full time – you’ll start enjoying a real full time income as well and I can tell you that full time MLM marketers always make more money than anyone doing it part time. It’s much easier to make money from home when you’re working at it 4, 6, 8, or 12 hours per day. It’s exciting!

I look forward to welcoming you to the full time MLM club!


Kristen and Joel Broughton
Full Time MLM Marketer, MLM Trainer & MLM Consultant


Kristen and Joel Broughton

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