How to use an Autoresponder in your MLM Business

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Here’s a throwback from a couple years ago (2014) but it’s as relevant today as it was when we recorded it a couple years ago. In fact, I believe it will be valid in another 10 years.

Autoresponders can tell your story, build trust and start developing a relationship with people that are interested in working with you. So that by the time you speak with them, they’ll already know you, like you, and trust you.

Watch the video and enjoy!


Thanks Scott Hache for inviting me to participate in your Network Marketing Mentors show! It was fun to do and hopefully we will be able to help many MLM beginners get a better understanding of how to use email marketing and online systems to better succeed in their new business.

If you want your prospects to believe that you can help them you need to be constantly in front of them. Think about this. Why are most companies out there successful? They constantly brand themselves to their prospective customers. As a MLM marketer you need to also brand yourself to your prospects and the based way to do that is to provide constant training, education and information to your prospects through regular autoresponder emails.

And when you focus on delivering good quality content in your email messages to be able to help THEM…you will start to develop a bigger following of people that want what you have to offer. The question to ask yourself is: “Do you want people just constantly trying to sell you something – OR would you rather have someone that shares good quality training with them to help them.

Here’s a secret. Your prospects want the same thing that my prospects want.

They want to make money from home in their MLM Business. They want to learn how to do it, then they want to implement what it takes to do it.

So do you think you’ll be more successful showing them how to get what they want…or trying to convince them that your product is one they should buy?

Help them get what they want…

Show them how to get what they want…

And finally, make sure you have a constant flow of new prospects coming in to your websites and autoresponders. If you constantly add new people to your lists, your marketing system and autoresponder will sort through them for you and bring the “right” people to your MLM business to work with you.

Technology isn’t the hard part. The hard part is understanding how to set up a marketing system to bring people through a sorting process that will allow you to enroll people into your business. Use the technology to your advantage and please don’t get overwhelmed with the technical aspects…you can always hire a teenager to figure it out and set it up for you!

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