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I want to take a break in my training to share another important aspect of living a happy and successful life.

My family and I believe that no matter where you are economically, educationally, geographically, etc., there is always something to be thankful for. Gratitude changes your view of pretty much everything, and you begin to look for ways to give back or help others around you.

For those of us living in the United States, many of our absolute worst days are much better than those living in third world countries where clean water, food, or a healthy family is hard to come by, let alone a chance to learn, grow, or have much opportunity for a successful future.

There are also many impoverished right here in the US, in our schools, churches and communities, and many of us have no idea.

What difference can we make?

We truly believe one of the ways to live a successful and happy life is to be thankful for what we have, and help others. It’s very important to give back in some way- large or small, and there are so many ways to do so. Some of the most common ways are financial giving, volunteering your time and energy, or giving away useful items- some of which could be found already in your home.soup-kitchen-4 joel broughton

Financial giving is pretty self explanatory. From giving at church, donating to charities or other organizations, helping family members or friends, etc. whether large or small amounts, goes a long way. Growing up my grandfather always reminded me that a penny saved is a penny earned, and when you add all of them all together, you have more than you think. Giving goes the same way. Even if you only have a few dollars to donate, when you combine your donation with what others have given, it can add up fast.

And speaking of pennies, our local gas stations and pizza shops have the “round up” donation options where you can round your bill up to the next dollar and the difference is given to a specified charity. What a great and easy way to pay it forward! A town of pennies could move mountains.

health-benefits-of-volunteering joel broughtonIn pretty much every community volunteers are needed. Churches, missions, veteran organizations, schools, soup kitchens, community sports teams or clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, and even your elderly neighbors, parents or grandparents would love to have your time and energy. Whether you have a few minutes, a few hours, or days or weeks available, you can change someones world by giving of yourself.

Most of us have lots of “stuff” in our living spaces. We may have cans of food or products we stocked up on during a good sale, clothes that don’t fit us or go unworn, old furniture we’ve been wanting to get rid of, unused toys, books, shoes, etc… all of which could greatly be used by someone else. By taking some time to clean your space and donate unused items, not only will you brighten someones life, but your home will thank you for the cleanup. Places like food banks, Goodwill or Salvation Army, schools, churches, veteran groups and seasonal drives would happily accept many of these items as long as they are not expired and in good shape.

And maybe there are some of you that feel like you truly have nothing to give – that none of the suggestions in the giving flowers joel broughtonpost would be something you could feasibly do because your struggles are intense. That’s OK.

Did you know simple things like smiling and asking someone how their day is going, opening the doors for a stranger while your out, offering a helping hand when you see someone who could use it are also great ways to give of yourself. Thank  a veteran for serving. Listen to someone or give good advice. To be honest, really doing anything that is positive and out of the ordinary to benefit others works!

The cool thing about giving is that although we are giving to help others, we benefit as well.  Not only will you feel good on the inside, but there have been studies suggesting health benefits for those who incorporate giving or volunteering as part of their lifestyle. Don’t keep all the good vibes for yourself though- if you have a family, get them in on it too. Children and grandchildren seem to naturally enjoy volunteering or giving, and what a great example you will be!

I encourage everyone to think of a giving goal to accomplish this week. Now right down your goal, put a due date beside it, and take action to make it happen. Choose something that will be easy for you to accomplish. When you have completed it, choose a second. When you have completed the second, choose a third, and so on a so forth until it becomes part of your lifestyle.

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