Do Not Give Away Your MLM Success

Have you ever run a marathon?

Let’s imagine imagine for a moment that you are in fact on your way to a marathon. Winning this marathon will award you MLM success if you reach the finish line.

It is a beautiful morning with clear skies and a gentle breeze.  Anticipation is building as you are getting closer to arriving. You have invited your family and friends to watch and cheer you on.  And, since this is marathon is for business success, you have invited your MLM business partners to join in the marathon with you.

stretching- joel broughtonYou have arrived to your MLM success marathon location. You are stretching and preparing your mind to win this race. Your business partners start arriving and they are very relieved to see you, their leader, looking so confident. After all, they have seen your success in other races, and they are trying to be like you.

One of the newest members of your business team pulls you aside and asks if you could please carry them on your back so they can win with you. After all, they are brand new and have zero experience with marathons.

In your excitement,  you agree.

Another partner is watching, also newer to this marathon. She asks if she can be carried since you are already carrying the first guy.

In your excitement, you agree.

Two more, three more, ten more partners ask to be carried by their fearless leader.

Your excitement is wavering, but still, you agree.

The MLM success marathon is about to start- you are on the starting line with a good chunk of your business partners on your back. You are ready, you are anticipating a win. The officiant raises her arms in signal and the whistle is about to blow…. 3, 2, 1, GO!

This is where  I will stop the story.

Do you think anyone in the team described above reached the finish line and achieved MLM success?

The answer, unfortunately, is no.

There is no way the leader in the marathon could move, let alone race to win while carrying his team of business partners on his back. Instead of getting to the finish line, he never left the starting line. He was bogged down in the weight and wishes of everyone else and lost sight of running the race for his own goal.

Although this is just a simple analogy, similar things happen in network marketing all the time.

It goes like this…

Your team sees that you have some success in your business. They want to have success like you but they do not know how. So, they ask if you wouldn’t mind passing along a business partner or two to keep them excited and motivated. After you agree to do so, they ask you for another, and another. Word spreads of your generosity and multiple people are asking for the same benefit, and some even want you to pass along some of your commissions to  “get them going”. Now, instead of building your own business, you are chasing your tail to give your business to everyone else, and being taken advantage of.

Giving away results is the same as carrying people on your back in a marathon – it cripples your own movement. How can you be successful if you cannot move?

Instead of giving business away, teach your team how to succeed.

Share your energy, enthusiasm, time and techniques. Point them in the direction of mentors or trainers you follow who have taught you to be successful.

Share lead sources, marketing ideas and materials, advertising options. Keep open communications.

winning-race- joel broughtonEach person needs to learn how to achieve their own success. They need to run their own marathon beside you, not on your back. When your team can run with you, you all will reach the finish line together.

So keep building your business, show your team a great example and give them knowledge… but do not give away your MLM Success!


Joel Broughton

MLM Leader, MLM Trainer and MLM Consultant

Kristen and Joel Broughton


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