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Remember that wonderfully simple children’s game called  ‘follow the leader’? It was a silly, mimicking game where the leader said or did something and the rest of the group followed along. To succeed in the game and become the leader, you had to pay attention to the leader and repeat their actions identically. Sound familiar?

Although decades have passed since you may have played that game, it still applies today!

leadership humility - joel broughtonTo grow your business, and most importantly keep it growing, you will go through stages of following and leading.

So, let’s go over some tips of what we’ll call ‘follow the MLM leader’.

1. The first step is to assimilate as a follower to a mlm leader. Choose someone more successful than you currently are – someone who you would like to grow to be. The great part about this step is that EVERYONE is a follower. You see, no matter how many years you have or have not been in mlm, or any business, there will always be something new to learn.   Nobody knows everything! There will always be a better way to do what you are already doing. There will always be an advance in technology and new marketing developments too.  Stay humble and learn as you go. Those who stay sharp tend to have the advantage in any marketplace.

2. As you are following, immediately take action to repeat what you are learning. As you begin implementing what you are learning, you should notice your business growing. You will have people to connect with, leads to follow up on, sales to close, and a lot of excitement. This is good. This is a signal you are ready for the next step!

3. Now that you are following through and seeing growth, you still should follow your leader but now you need to rise to start being one too… even if you are brand new! You see, EVERYONE who follows will also be a leader. You will need to teach your team how to follow the MLM leader so that they can also learn, grow, and repeat just like you are doing.

Be a leader you would want to follow. Set a good example – stay humble and connected with your team.  Continue following your chosen mentor.  As your partners see you rising, they will want to imitate your actions.

Keep yourself and your business fresh and successful by following the mlm leader!


Kristen and Joel Broughton
Full Time MLM Marketer, MLM Trainer & MLM Consultant

Kristen and Joel Broughton

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