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Leads are a necessity to building your business, but many do not know how to source them properly. When I first started in MLM I had to learn how to source good leads first, and eventually I got into systems and lead generation. By doing so, I have tried, tested, and even developed sources and ways to generate good leads. So, I thought I would take some time to go over some common sense tips for good MLM lead sourcing.


A common mistake many make when trying to access leads is purchasing them from unproven sources. It is very important to know who you are buying from.

Do not search phrases like “best traffic” or “lots of traffic” in your web browser. These types of searches will take you off the beaten path and your MLM lead sourcing will go down a highly unprofitable path.

cartoon - joel broughtonDo not purchase leads that are super cheap. If you are offered thousands- or even hundreds of thousands of leads or hits to your site for a very nominal fee, it’s probably not legitimate. Many obscure, unproven lead sources will sell you robotic leads. Basically a computer will visit your site thousands and thousands of time, appearing as traffic, but of course they are not real people. These leads are not customers nor prospective business partners.  And, after all of that “traffic” you will have zero results.

Do not purchase leads from a company or person if you are promised the moon and old-face-young-face- joel broughtonthe stars. Good MLM lead sourcing will have appropriate results, not unbelievable results.  If the results you are promised seems too good to be true, you know what they say- they probably are. I would steer clear of over promising- it will avoid under delivering.

If you are considering purchasing leads from a source that fits into any of the above categories, I recommend that you DON’T DO IT!


Instead of blindly trying to source your own leads, get a referral from a trusted leader. Most likely they will have a lead source they use and will be happy to share that source with you. If you trust the person recommending the leads to you and you see they have results, it’s probably safe to say they are using a proven, tested source.

best-mlm-leads-joel broughtonGood MLM lead sourcing costs money. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but you will get what you pay for. A legitimate, proven lead company or lead generator will require appropriate, realistic fees. Do not expect to get million dollar results with wooden nickels.

If you don’t have a leader to seek referrals from, use Google, Facebook, or other mainstream means to source a company or lead generator that can be reviewed by real customers and shows they have been tested.  Take note what the masses are using to get good lead results and give it a try.

If you have good MLM lead sourcing you will see results. You will have phone calls, real responses, real traffic, real purchases, and interaction with real people. Real leads equal real growth.

And, like in any area of business, some lead sources are better than others, but if you are using a tested, legitimate MLM lead source you will have some level of real results.

The more leads you access, the higher your response rate will be. Some of you can invest large sums of money for thousands and thousands of good leads. But, even if you only have a small amount of money to spend to source leads, get started.

Choose an affordable amount of leads.  When you see results, reinvest the growth from your first set of leads to get more leads, and continue this pattern. Choosing to reinvest instead of spending profits might take some determination and discipline, but stick with it. Eventually your lead sourcing and marketing will become automated and your profits should exceed your costs to acquire leads.


Joel Broughton

MLM Leader, MLM Trainer & MLM Consultant

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