This is the MLM Lead Generation

In society we constantly talk about the differences between generations of people. The Baby Boomers are certainly different than Generation X or Gen Y individuals. They grew up in completely different environments, conveniences, communication mediums, technology, and so on.

My dad constantly reminds me of the differences between our generations and in fact we both now recognize as we get older that there are some major differences in the way each of us communicates because of our life experiences and upbringing. He regularly teases me that I’ll have an even harder time understanding my kids as they get older, with the changes in society and advancements in technology. I guess we’ll have to see.

Multi level marketing also has some major generational differences in the way that downlines are built and if you’re not operating your business with that in mind, you will fall behind very fast. So how do you make sure that you’re not operating decades behind the current mlm industry?

In the past we have seen massive amounts of success through building businesses and downlines through word of mouth, traveling around the country and building business relationships “belly to belly” so to speak. We’ve also recently gone through a major spurt of automation where huge downlines were built through 100% automation online. In fact, many are still chasing the dream of having a huge downline without ever communicating with other human beings.

I believe we are now entering a new time for the mlm industry. This new generation of multi level marketers use the online tools and marketing systems available online, but also seek to build personal relationships with their members either in person or long distance.

What I believe will drive the entire mlm industry in the coming years is the ability for multi level marketers to generate leads online. This is the MLM Lead Generation. It’s not so much about what you do with the leads once you get them, as the ability for you to generate the leads in the first place.

Getting leads has evaded so many people over the years and has literally halted and destroyed business from shear lack of ability to grow bases on not having any new mlm leads. If you are able to generate free mlm leads or even just pay for mlm lead generation in the coming years, you will be able to control your own success in this industry. If you can’t, you’ll be constantly at the mercy of others.

In this new environment, we need to put more focus on mlm lead generation and less focus on harassing 1 or 2 contacts that we have. If you can create a regular flow of mlm leads for your business, you will never be at the mercy of the industry, but you will have control over this environment that you are operating your home based business in.

If you can generate leads and teach your team to do the same, you will go to the top very fast.

How would your business change if you had just 5-10 quality new mlm leads per day?

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts…

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